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Programs & Staff

Yellow Room      12 months to 30 months


The yellow room is vibrant, energetic, and warm.  The daily routine stimulates their growing independence while still providing a nurturing environment. The program is designed to stimulate the mind, while also providing an outlet for these energetic beings. The planned activities are designed with the interests and cognitive needs of the developing child moving from infant to preschooler.  Art, music & finger plays, large & fine motor, are just a few examples of activities to provide the foundation they need to progress to the next stages of development.

We understand this can be a big transition, and we want the school environment to feel like an extension of the home. The teachers in the yellow room are by nature very loving and nurturing. We understand in order for children to fully thrive they must feel secure, respected, and cared for.  

Click here to read about milestones for this age group.
Orange Room      30 months to 36 months

Blue Room      3 years to 4 years

Red Room      4 years to pre-kindergarten
Learning Centers

All of the rooms at Oak Ridge Nursery School are divided up into various learning centers.  Centers are used for both free play, child initiated play, teacher-structured activities, and small group activities.  Children learn through play, so each center is carefully arranged to promote learning, curiosity, and wonder.

Schedule & Routine

We believe a daily schedule gives children a sense of security, while also developing self-discipline.  When children can predict the routine they begin to take initiative in the upcoming activity, and this in turn increases feelings of self-competence. Children are better able to understand expectations and boundaries when they have a consistent routine. We also believe children are very able, competent people; therefore we encourage them to practice self-help skills throughout the day (cleaning up their own mess, putting sheets and blankets away, helping around the room, etc).  Our goal at ORNS is to guide children in becoming independent and self-confident.


Our educational philosophy is holistic, collaborative, and child-centered.  We emphasize the total development of each child intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and language.  Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences factors in the child’s individual strengths, as well as unique learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). As guided by Gardner’s theory of multi-intelligences, a diversity of activities for all learners are presented throughout the week.

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